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Shooting Star Cancer Support | About Us


About Us

Who the Charity helps

The clinicians and patients giving and receiving treatment in the Shooting Star Unit, Wrexham Maelor Hospital

How the charity works/What do we do?

Our role is to fund pieces of equipment that are difficult for the NHS to provide, and which allow optimisation of the journey for the patient through their diagnosis or their treatment

Who are we?

We are volunteer trustees who administer the charity which raises money to support the clinicians and the patients being treated in the Shooting Star Unit in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. We fund capital projects that are needed to ease the patient journey where the required equipment may be a low priority for the hospital trust as a whole given the current NHS financial difficulties.


  • David Parry, Chairman
  • Jonathan Pye, Vice Chairman
  • Michael Crumplin
  • Mark Common
  • Jenny Duguid
  • Moira Jones
  • Claire Gerrard Jones
  • Yvonne Lush
  • Alun Morgan
  • Pam Wedley
  • Mark Williams
  • Zarina Kagan
  • Karen Sinclair

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