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Shooting Star Cancer Support | Pete Norman


Pete Norman

Local inspirational Athlete Pete Norman, still a triathlete and iron man aged 77, was battling with prostate cancer.

Starting running aged 50 he is a former world champion triathlete in his age group and has won the British championships many times.

The sprint triathlons include a 750 metre swim, a 10 mile bike ride and a three mile run.

The full marathon distances 2.25miles swim in the sea, 112 miles bike ride followed by a full marathon.

So not for the faint hearted!

Undaunted by radiotherapy Pete recalls when he was 70 he won the Sprint world championship in Hamburg, and when he was 75 he did two Iron Man Events in Lanzarote and Hawaii.

So after his Radiotherapy Pete was determined to train and continue the sport he loves.

Pete is now 81 and a half, Pete advises: "Once recovered from treatment try to continue the hobbies you love".

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