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Shooting Star Cancer Support | Macmillan Shooting Star Cancer Information & Support Centre


Macmillan Shooting Star Cancer Information & Support Centre

The Shooting Star Appeal (now Shooting Star Cancer Support) provided the funds to build the first ever Macmillan Centre in Wales.

As part of a three-way partnership – Shooting Star Appeal, North East Wales NHS Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support - the Macmillan Shooting Star Cancer Information & Support Centre was officially opened by the Mayor of Wrexham and the doors were open to the public in February 2009.

The aims of the Macmillan Centre are to enhance the support and care provided in the nearby Shooting Star Unit, which is the focus of cancer services within the Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

The Macmillan Centre provides accurate, comprehensive and accessible information to anyone affected by cancer, as well as offering high quality emotional and supportive services in a confidential and relaxed environment. This initiative supports the Shooting Star Cancer Support ethos of high quality patient centred care and Macmillan's mission to ensure that information and support is available to anyone affected by cancer.

Since its opening in 2009, the Macmillan Shooting Star Cancer Information & Support Centre continues to see more people through its doors year on year. Overwhelmingly the feedback is that

this has made such a difference”;
“just being able to drop in”;
“being able to chat with someone face to face”;
“getting help with benefits advice”;
“I had no idea there was so much [information and support] out there”;
“It’s really helped just being able to talk”;
“Why didn’t I know about this place earlier”.

For some it is just an opportunity to talk through their concerns, for others it is specific information about their cancer, how to access support in their community but the main reason people visit the Macmillan Centre is for emotional support and benefits advice.

For information or support you can contact the Macmillan Centre on 01978 726188.